Long seen as being the home of salmon fishing, and much more than just another fishing destination, to those visiting, Scotland offers unique culture based on generations of people learning and refining the art of fly fishing for salmon.

One such person is Ian Gordon, his intimate knowledge of Scottish rivers coming from three generations of fly fishermen before him.

In "Blue Charm" Ian utilises this knowledge, along with his perfect understanding of fly-casting, to great effect in presenting this film, the theme of which is based around how to fish three different sized rivers; the magnificent River Spey, the wonderfully scenic Royal Dee, and the enchanting River Findhorn. The film encapsulates a great many facets of salmon fishing in these truly wonderful rivers, not to mention the outstanding bounty of Atlantic salmon and other wildlife which are found in and around them.

Fishing and casting sequences are both tastefully and colourfully enveloped with a clever, yet unobtrusive use of modern graphics focusing on simple but important elements of fly-casting and river-craft. The very simple format and clear filming from two different angles, provide the viewer with easy to follow instruction along with common mistakes and remedies whilst making 6 different fly-casts.

Ian's humour also manifests itself in the film, making it both entertaining as well as educational.

This unique insight into Salmon Fishing in Scotland, its culture, history and characters will leave you with a desire to see more and ask more questions about the home of salmon fishing. Ian arranges both fishing and casting courses on those and many other Scottish rivers. He specialises in arranging fishing holidays and vacations for weeks and half weeks to some of the most stunning locations in Scotland.


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