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Blue Charm Testimonials

If I were to describe this movie in one word, I would say, "SPECTACULAR"! "It is obviously a work that came from the heart as well as the head. You have managed to capture the spirit of salmon fishing and casting perfectly". Well done my friend.

Davie Bell


What a great salmon fishing movie - "something for newbies and old hands to enjoy and beautifully shot": a fantastic DVD which I really enjoyed it iapart from the scenes inside Tulchan Lodge. The sight of that "honesty bar" again brought back memories of some monumental nights and epic hangovers,as usual,aided by El Bennitez and JK and JA in the Kings Hut!

Jonathon C Sutton UK


Throughly enjoyed your DVD Ian, Roll on Blue Charm 2 and maybe a bit longer with the outakes.

Alex Robertson


Well just watched the dvd for the second time, a very well put together film with great footage of the fishing,rivers,history and casting styles,90 minutes of pure fishing joy.

Jock Maclennan


Just finished watching Ian Gordon's new DVD and thought it was superb. A nice selection of fishing sequences from different beats on the Spey (Gordon Castle, Tulchan B, Easter Elchies and Inverfiddich), the Findhorn at Forres and the Dee (Lower Invercauld, Monaltrie, Glen Muick and Cairnton), interspersed with fishing and casting tips.

Graham Ritchie


The taking of views is outstanding from the countryside and the rivers to your casting with the scottish surroundings which I did enjoy during so many years: great cameraman and great salmon fly-fisherman !
Your phrase "Unlike all the other speycasts, the overhead cast is made with an acceleration and a stop" is a mine of sound observations. I did suffer too much in having forget this key point. The view, as a bird, of different speycasts show a lot.

I appreciate the sequence on the greenheart rods, they were wonderful tools, friendly companions, and the two casts you show are just as good than one with the best graphite rod. What contradiction with the many experts (?) who tell that we need a fast action rod to do a narrow or pointing loop!

Jean Chevalier

Your Film is enchanting and interesting, a great compliment to you!

Walter Filser

Hi Ian the blue charm dvd was superb 1 of the best and your casting was superb you cast as you say it make it easy!

Patrick Mcvey

Thoroughly enjoyed your DVD Ian, Roll on Blue Charm 2 and maybe a bit longer with the outtakes.

Alex Robertson

Hi Ian , Received my Blue Charm DVD and got to say that it was great will definitely watch it again. Can't wait to u do another one, well done on such a fantastic movie

Wendy Wright



I got it three hours ago and watched it right six completely. Congratulation, it is the best movie of this kind I have seen so far. Good movie casting, good demonstrations and nicely cut in a good mix. Well done!!!!!!!

Bernd Vollnhofer



Hi Ian blue charm movie is very good, Speycasting is hard but you make it look easy.

Richard McDougall


Absolutely fantastic!! You should be very proud ... Great that you got in so much of the history - and you'd wonder why anybody would fish anywhere but Scotland. Only problem is I've been glued to the screen for 1.5 hours.

Crawford Little

Hi Ian,
Feedback is easy - the DVD is fantastic.
The casting sequences make each cast look so easy and straight-forward. You know, having watched me casting, that some habits will be a long time breaking, but I feel confident that with the clear step by step illustrations in your DVD that I have still got a chance of "mastering" some of the casts.
The out takes at the end are very good - particularly the wasp making an appearance at the wrong time (I got the feeling you were on take 22!).
You should feel justifiably proud of the finished article.
I hope the DVD's are flying off the shelf. In my view anyone with an interest in Salmon fishing should own one.

John R Scott